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The Miracle Belt™ is a sensory
integration product for infants & children
who weigh less than 75 pounds.

The Sensory Belt™ is a sensory
integration product for teens & adults
who weigh more than 75 pounds.

Sensory Warehouse Provides Weighted Sensory Products!
Sensory Warehouse offers weighted sensory products for therapeutic professionals, health care professionals, schools, and families. Sensory integration products are designed to meet the needs of children, teens, and adults with sensory disorders. Sensory products help children develop and achieve age-appropriate sensory and developmental skills and milestones. Whether at home, at school, or during therapy the Miracle Belt and Sensory Belt are the most effective weighted sensory products for regulating sensory input.

The Miracle Belt™ is a pediatric weighted sensory product designed to help children with sensory disorders achieve maximum sensory regulation. The Miracle Belt™ is one of the most comfortable, durable, and safe sensory products for infants and children with sensory disorders. The Sensory Belt™ is a weighted sensory product designed to help teens and adults with sensory disorders achieve maximum sensory regulation. The Sensory Belt is one of the most comfortable, durable, and safe sensory products for teens and adults with sensory disorders.

Sensory Warehouse is one of the best sensory catalogs for finding weighted sensory products for children, teens, and adults with sensory deficits. Sensory Warehouse provides the most comfortable, durable, and safe sensory products, tools, and equipment for sensory needs.

Every sensory product includes a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Benefits of Sensory Products

  • Increases Body Awareness
  • Improves Balance & Coordination
  • Increases Focus & Concentration
  • Enhances Comprehension & Learning
  • Dramatically Reduces Hyperactivity
  • Maximizes Benefits of Therapy Sessions
  • Increases Therapy Carryover
Sensory Products benefit Children, Teens & Adults with

Sensory Products are Useful
  • At Home
  • At School
  • At Work
  • During Therapy

- Testimonials -

"When comparing the Miracle Belt to a weighted vest, the belt is far superior! Weighted vests are cumbersome and the weights do not sit evenly which can jeopardize the benefits of the input they are intended to provide. Therapeutically, it makes sense to provide the weight at the center of the trunk, because this is where movement stability and movement patterns come from."
Kelly Beins,
Occupational Therapist OTR/L

"Using the Miracle Belt is like having an extra pair of hands. The calming effect of the belt allows for improved interaction and focus. The belt is helpful for all situations: Home, School or Therapy."
Ouida Wellenberger,
Physical Therapist

"During my sessions I've been using the Miracle Belt with a 5 year-old girl with the diagnosis of Down syndrome. The belt has helped keep her more focused and on task. She is much calmer and easier to work with when wearing the belt. When I took the belt off of her, she tried to put it back on, indicating to me that the benefit of the belt was apparent to her. I'm very pleased with the Miracle Belt."
Tamara Griffith,
Speech Therapist

"The Miracle Belt is often worn by several of my students for short periods of time to help them calm down and be able to focus on their assigned tasks. Some of the students will go and get the belt themselves when they feel the need for the weight provided by the belt."
Jane Foppe MEd,
Autistic Spectrum Disorder Teacher

"As a primary care pediatrician I have been truly impressed by the therapeutic benefit of the Miracle Belt. The Miracle Belt has assisted several of my patients with proprioceptive deficits as well as those with poor truncal tone to achieve significant milestones such as sitting, walking and climbing steps. I would urge therapists and physicians working with children with these types of special healthcare needs to consider a therapeutic trial with the Miracle Belt."
Dr. Patricia J. Blanco, M.D.,
Primary Care Pediatrician

"I have definitely seen a difference in my clients that have been wearing the belts. I have used the Miracle Belt on 5 different clients and seen greater stability in their pelvis creating more balance and less shifting. I have also been able to adjust the tilt of their pelvis by the placement of the weight either in front or behind. I have also used the belt for simply what it is - weight - giving the client more resistance to strengthen their legs."
Missy Delaney MEd,
Program Manager at Freedom Ride, Inc.

"The Miracle Belt has had an amazing effect on my son! The belt calms him down and allows him to be better focused so he is able to sit and color, play games, etc. without extraneous movement. At seven years old my son asks for his belt because he knows it's helping him. Every child who has Sensory Integration Disorder should have one of these."
Marijane Farr,
Mother of a Child with PDD-NOS & SID

"Wearing the Miracle Belt was the first time my grandson sat quietly through dinner in 10 years. He asked to take the belt to school because it "holds him down" and he is able to concentrate better."
Barbara Harle,
Grandmother of a Child with ADHD

"I would love for you all to know that my husband & I, as well as our family and friends are VERY impressed with the results from the Miracle Belt. Landon has several neurological problems that start from Epilepsy, SID, and as well as a cyst on his occipital lob. He has not been diagnosed yet but they think he might also be on the spectrum of Autism. Landon does many things from sitting and spinning his head, being very uncomfortable in unfamiliar places, to just constantly squalling all the time. With the Miracle Belt he is a calm and well behaved little two year old. His screaming and spinning is 98% better. My son's Neurologist was so impressed by the belt and is going to start recommending them to his patients. A MILLION THANKS TO ALL WHO MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR THE ONES IN NEED!."
Wendy Tipps,
Mother of a child with Epilepsy and SID

"Since Pacsun has been wearing the Miracle Belt his balance has improved plus he is able to walk with his walker with minimal assistance."
DeAnna Nichols,
Mother of a Child with Cerebral Palsy

"We have tried many things over the years to help in our son's development. At 10 years of age he was unable to walk unassisted. We knew the problem was his balance. After reading about the Miracle Belt in the newspaper, we immediately ordered one online. Our son is now walking all around the house without any help. In fact, he constantly surprises us when he just walks into the room. We've dreamt of this moment for ten years. So, in our mind, the Miracle Belt truly is a miracle!"
Drs. Frank and Lisa Lanzisera,
Parents of a Child with Down Syndrome

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know that we received our Miracle Belt last week. Coincidentally, my son had a horrible day and was very emotionally sensitive and upset. We put on his "happy belt" and there was an immediate difference. He laid on the floor and colored for a good hour and seemed "different" and calmer.

To be perfectly honest with you, I really thought it was going to be another waste of my money, like all the other stuff I have purchased, but this thing really is amazing!"
Andrea Staves,
Mother of a Child with SID

"The Miracle Belt has proven helpful through many of my treatment sessions. The belt is useful for both calming and enhancing sensory input. I love that it is easy to put on and take off, it gives the input where it's needed most (at the core), and the kids don't mind wearing it. I've tried to use a pressure vest with various kids and they refuse to wear it, I think because it's intimidating or too overwhelming for them. Or, the pressure vest just doesn't seem to make a noticeable difference. The Miracle belt however is less threatening to a young child. They can put it on themselves and it doesn't get in the way of the activity they are trying to do. One little boy I use it with, likes that it's quiet. I think he is hypersensitive to the sound of the velcro fasteners on the vest, but the belt has no velcro to fasten so it's a quick and quiet on and off!
Kelly Beins,
Occupational Therapist OTR/L

"My grandson was quite pleased to wear the Miracle Belt and seemed to think he was singled out for special treatment. He wore the belt for about 10 minutes, stayed calm the entire time, and we were able to refocus his attention and get him out of his overly stimulated spiral."
Katherine Walker MEd,
Grandmother of a Child with Autism

"We have just begun using the Miracle Belt with our four year old daughter who has Down syndrome. She does seem to have better balance and coordination while wearing the belt. We are working on going up and down stairs and she has exhibited more confidence with the belt on."
Jason & Susan Edwards,
Parents of a Child with Down syndrome

"The Miracle Belt is the easiest weighted therapy to put on without interference from the child. My children find the belts more comfortable than wearing the vests. A few of my clients have complained about the vests being too hot."
Tamara Griffith,
Speech Therapist

"Wonderful news!! We finally wore the belt last night!! AND! He had zero meltdowns in the HUGE crowd at the community center! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! NO TEARS! Praise GOD!

The best part was when we offered to take it off... Are you ready for this... He didn't want to!! I was just all smiles all night, what a blessing to watch your baby who has always been so panic stricken and full of anxiety and fear to look happy and calm and "fitting in" the entire night... I was just beside myself... thank-you"
Chasity Head,
Mother of a Child with SID

"The Miracle Belt has really helped my daughter calm down."
Sarah Carter,
Mother of a child with ADHD

"With the use of the Miracle Belt I see an immediate improvement in sensory regulation. The impact the belt has on children with sensory deficits and motor delays is amazing! The Miracle Belt is a 'must have' sensory aid!"
Rebecca Murphy,
Occupational Therapist MHS, OTR/L

"My son has been in therapies since he was 19 months old for occupational, speech and language therapies. At the end of last school year in Pre-K his occupational therapist mentioned concerns about our son possibly having Sensory Integration Disorder. When he started Kindergarten this year his new OT mentioned her concern with that as well. This past Friday they began using the Miracle Belt with him. His teacher noticed a HUGE difference in him. Today I had to see it for myself... and I did. Tears came to my eyes. I have NEVER seen my child that focused... EVER. He was able to sit still (for a 5 year old) and not have to be redirected over and over again. I was told that we would continue to try the belt over the next week, and if they still felt it was a tool needed to help my son they would begin the process of getting one for him through the county. But for me, I can't wait that long. My child depends on myself and my husband for so many things. If this belt is helping him then that's that. We just ordered a belt and can not wait for him to have it at school AND at home. I just wanted to say thank you. This may very well be the tool my son needs to help him lead a normal life."
Sara Smith,
Mother of a child with Autism

"Emma was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Issues early in the year. A few months later she was re-diagnosed with mild Autism. She has issues focusing for more than 5 minutes while doing tasks. She uses her jumping as a self-stimming act to bring a sense of groundedness. She does this regularly to help her process the inputs coming into her sensory system.

She has been using the “Miracle Belt” for a few weeks now, and we have seen it’s benefits already. The “Miracle Belt” has helped her to focus and has really given her that sense of groundedness she normally had to use the self-stimming input to achieve. She has drastically reduced the amount of self-stimming, that she has had to do, while wearing the “Miracle Belt”.

Emma was prescribed by her Occupational Therapist to wear the belt for 15 minutes three times a day. Her Early Interventionist, Suzie Tromley (Easter Seals) also has stated that she has seen a drastic improvement while Emma is wearing the belt.

The bottom-line for us is that while wearing the belt Emma has greatly reduced her need for self-stimming and because of her increased focus is making strides in her speech, and development that may not have been made this quickly without it."
Trent and Crystal Evans,
Parents of a Child with Autism

"We're having a great time using the Miracle Belts. I used them with two children today - both with great results! Both kids are Autistic and both are "runners". Usually I have to keep a hand on them at all times or they bolt. Today, I was able to let the little girl walk around the gym, because with the belt on, she responded to verbal cues! The boy still needed a hand on while in the gym but once in the treatment room he was able to sit at the table - with the door open - and focus on/participate in table top activities for more than 20 minutes. When it was time to clean up, I just said "clean up" and he immediately responded, Usually, I have to provide hand-over-hand assistance and he is very resistant to cleaning up. I'm sure we'll have several more positive stories to share with you as the week goes on."
Karyn Collins,
Occupational Therapist OTR

"Working with autistic and learning disabled children is a challenging and rewarding task and we are always on the lookout for tools that will help our children cope with the challenges they face. Collaborating with Dr. Erin Schwier and Mark Wilson, Occupational Therapy Specialists, we find great success with these kids when we stimulate and strengthen their sensory integration and processing. The Miracle Belt provides just that. Children are able to wear the belt while participating in academic tasks. The belt helps them to focus and stay seated as well as diminishing extraneous physical movements. Literally, the belt helps them feel more grounded and safe in their environment. We are excited about what we are seeing with the Miracle Belt and would love to see parents using the belt at home with their children."
Catherine Behan M.S. EFT-CC,
EFT Specialist/Peak Performance Coach

"The Miracle Belt is very helpful with hyper active children. It's amazing how quickly the belt settles a child down and comforts them. The belt helps these children feel safe and secure in their surroundings which allows them to gain control over themselves. Every ESE teacher should use the Miracle Belt. It is a miracle how the belt works!"
Bettimae Mills,
Pre-K VE Teacher

"I have found the Miracle Belt to be a valuable therapy tool. The best pieces of equipment are those that have multiple uses. I have used the Miracle Belt as a tool for improving postural stability, strengthening, increasing body awareness, providing sensory input to increase attention and assist with sensory modulation. A definite asset to any therapists bag of tools."
Lori Lovesky,
Occupational Therapist OTR/L
Co-Director of KIDSPOT

"The weighted belt is used to stimulate the proprioceptive system through the use of deep pressure to promote attention, focus, organization and self calming. The belt helps provide the individual with a greater sense of their body's position in space. The belt can be used with individuals who have Autism, ADD/ADHD, PDD, Sensory Integration Disorder and learning disabilities."
Mark Wilson,
Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant COTA

"We just got back home from our trip to Disney. The Miracle Belt made a huge difference for my son while on our trip. Jack was so calm and not as fidgety."
Marijane Farr,
Mother of a Child with PDD-NOS & SID

"Using the Miracle Belt has helped calm one of my most difficult students."
Hamish Pollock,
ESE Teacher

"One little boy who has Autism uses the Miracle Belt during every session. He is a different child while wearing the belt. He stays more focused on one activity at a time, does not trip and fall like he used to, and just seems so much more engaged and connected for longer periods of time throughout the sessions. The Miracle Belt helps to maximize the benefits of the work that I do with my clients."
Kelly Beins,
Occupational Therapist OTR/L

"Keegan had a little setback with his balance when we changed his orthotics...all I had to do was put the Miracle Belt back on him one time to correct the problem. ....something, huh."
Drs. Frank and Lisa Lanzisera,
Parents of a Child with Down Syndrome

"The Miracle Belt helps distractible children maintain their focus during seat work with ease and comfort. The entire classroom is calmer and quieter when two or three highly sensitive children are feeling safe and comfortable in their classroom."
Mark Wilson,
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant COTA

"The goal of any piece of equipment is to provide the input needed to make positive changes that will carry over without the use of the equipment. With repeated use of the Miracle Belt with Sierra, a young girl who suffers from static encephalopathy seizure disorder with global delays, we are starting to see functional carryover with the ability to participate in group activitys without the loss of balance and without the use of the belt."
Ouida Wellenberger,
Physical Therapist

"After Jack received his belt he didn't fall as much and was noticeably more focused during our soccer games. The belts calming effect improved his focus to where he began learning more and playing better. Jack would wear the belt for fifteen minutes before he would go into the game."
Michelle Kingston,
Soccer Coach of a Child with SID

"At first I didn't think the Miracle Belt would help an eighteen month old little girl diagnosed with Down Syndrome but once we put on the belt she immediately and spontaneously did what two therapists hands have been trying to get her to do for weeks!"
Rebecca Murphy,
Occupational Therapist MHS, OTR/L

"My son loves wearing his Miracle Belt and wears it everyday! He even points it out to his caregiver when she is dressing him. I can feel the difference when I'm holding his hand and we are walking. He is much more stable and balanced. Thank you for this great device!"
Wendy Mann Resnick,
Mother of a Child with Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum

"Since Emma has been using the Miracle Belt we have seen a big improvement in her speech and development."
Crystal Evans,
Mother of a Child with Autism

"I used the Miracle Belt with one of my 5 year olds for the first time, and he did great with it. His ability to stay on task improved so much, compared to other days without using it, and his increased attention continued even after we took the belt off. He also had an increased awareness of his body in space. I will definitely continue using the Miracle Belt."
Mary Tomasello,
Occupational Therapist MS OTR/L

"I tried the Miracle Belt on a 12 year old client diagnosed with ADHD who also has Sensory Integration issues. Immediately, he experienced more stability and the quality of his mobility was significantly improved. In fact, my client liked the belt so much, he asked his mother if he could keep it and wear it at home."
Lena Thoresen,
Occupational Therapist OTR/L

"My son's experience overall with the Miracle Belt is pretty good. Some days he can only wear the belt for short periods of time vs. other days, but either way he seems more aware of his environment, and exhibits more confidence (feels more secure) when walking with the Miracle Belt on with his walker."
Brenda McDonnell,
Mother of child with Down syndrome

"When comparing the Miracle Belt to a weighted vest, the belt is far superior! Weighted vests are cumbersome and the weights do not sit evenly which can jeopardize the benefits of the input they are intended to provide. One mom told me the weighted vest that was recommended to her was too heavy for her son. Unlike weighted vests, the Miracle Belt comes in three different sizes to choose from and can be adjusted to fit the child's waist accordingly. The same mom mentioned that the vest was "weighing" her son down on his shoulders and he would only take it off and throw it on the ground. He didn't like the feeling of it and she didn't like it because he had spinal scoliosis issues at the time and she was fearful of adding weight to his spine. This point emphasized for me the benefit of the Miracle Belt in having the weight centered around the child's midline instead of on top of their shoulders."
Kelly Beins,
Occupational Therapist OTR/L

"My daughter has not been diagnosed with any problems but was having some issues in school. For the first 3 weeks of school the teacher stated she had to change her desk two different times. She was such an inconvenience the teacher had her write sentences everyday saying I will not talk in class, or I will stay in my seat, and so on. My Daughter has been using the Miracle Belt for a couple days now and her teacher has already seen a big improvement in her ability to stay seated, focused, and less fidgety. On the second day of my daughter wearing the belt I asked the teacher how things were going and she bowed down to me and said "does that give you any indication of how it’s been". She stated that she barely knows that Ann is in the class room now. All I know is that the Miracle Belt has worked wonders for my daughter."
Lisa Harrison,
Mother of a child who has not been diagnosed

Original Diamond Designs, Inc. is proud to have received the above testimonials from therapeutic professionals, health care professionals, school teachers, and families from all across the country. We thank all the parents, physicians, special education teachers, and therapists for their advice and support in making the Miracle Belt & Sensory Belt the most effective sensory products for children, teens, and adults with sensory needs.

For infants and children who have difficulty modulating or adapting to sensory sensation sensory products can help. Sensory products have been found to help stimulate interaction between the brain and the senses which is crucial for healthy neurological function. Miscommunication between the brain and the senses can be regulated with the use of sensory products, weighted products, such as weighted belts, weighted blankets, and/or weighted lap pads. By stimulating the proprioceptive system sensory products help to increase neurological feedback to the brain. Seeking to encourage the nervous system to integrate sensory information through the use of these sensory products can make a dramatic impact in the development of your child. With the use of weighted sensory products you will see a rapid improvement in your child's ability to focus on assigned tasks. Another major area where sensory products are helpful, especially the weighted belt, is with children who have gross motor developmental delays such as balance and mobility delays. Once a child is able to regulate sensory information it's just a matter of time before their new found confidence and/or legs will carry them to new heights.

We believe it is important to explain the benefits weighted belts have over traditional sensory products such as the weighted vest. Ever since we began development of the Miracle Belt therapists have been telling us about their problems with weighted vests. One occupational therapist told us how one of her ADHD clients began throwing the weight out of the vest because he didn't like the way the weighted vest felt. Because of these types of experiences with weighted vests our consulting therapists recommend we design the weighted belt with stationary weight. Since weighted belts are centered around the waist less weight is needed to provide effective proprioceptive feedback for sensory regulation. Weighted belts have been proven to provide children with a solid base of support creating a stronger core which is the foundation of all movement where a weighted vest does not. Many therapists have noticed weighted vests effect posture, especially with children who are low tone. Not only does less weight work more effectively around the waist but weighted belts also elliminate excess body heat and discomfort caused by weighted vests. The Miracle Belt and Sensory Belt are clearly the best and most effective weighted sensory products for children, teens, and adults with sensory needs.

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